Globalization is the basis of our prosperity?

And the Western countries live at the expense of others?
They are exploiters and parasites?

It is largely agree: The globalization owe the western Industienationen their wealth and allegedly they live at the expense of the other. "Would not exploited cheap labor world shamelessly, the population could not afford much in the rich countries," it says. But agree this immense, inciting accusations? How it looks with the evidence?


1. Proof level:

Since 1980, the real wages and pensions sink!
Even in the alleged export Wonderland Germany, inflation-adjusted net wages and pensions have fallen by about 20% since 1980! Not even this revealing fact has penetrated into the consciousness of the population. Because he is persistently denied by politicians and the media and covered up. It deceives successes that does not exist and repeatedly penetrating the popular standard dumbing theses ( "We particularly benefit ... from the EU, the euro, the free trade, globalization, immigration"). Details...

If only this one aspect, the negative trend in real wages and pensions can recognize that the spread through the media prosperity thesis is pure propaganda. The fact is that globalization reduces the purchasing power in the western world and affects the quality of life of people living there.


2. Proof level:

Since the 1960s, the number of unemployed in Germany have increased tenfold!
Is a tenfold increase in unemployment proof of a wealth-creating globalization? Hardly likely! Also here is tricked again and deceived by schönt statistics, proclaimed a shortage of skilled labor and hiring 2,005 limping comparisons with the all-time high in the year. Details...

That today the unemployment figures are not much higher depends largely with special effects together - for example, the high-risk low flood of money (which the saver gradually expropriated), the Euro-currency dumping, the current low commodity prices, etc.


3. Proof level:

Mainly technical devices are favorable to have today. But these price declines are attributable only to a small extent to the starvation wages in the Far East.


Main cause of the price cuts are revolutionary technological innovations and the automation of production processes.

Falling prices lead to incorrect conclusions!
What comes in handy the tricksters and Täuschern is the fact that some goods are becoming cheaper. But usually this is the result of technological advances and automation.
A computer that someday filled a large hall that fits today, despite a thousand times more power into the briefcase. It will no longer be installed tens of tons of technology, but only a few hundred grams. Tiny microprocessors replace meanwhile at all levels complex, bulky components. Since 1900, productivity has increased tenfold (regardless of salary) - even in agriculture. This is the real secret of success!

Dirt cheap laptops, smart phones, radios and TV sets to give the impression of generally falling prices and a growing purchasing power.
But the overall record is now even negative, deceptive superficial perception! Because prices for basic needs, rents, taxes and social security contributions taken as a whole increased more than incomes.

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